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Musicals musicals from Berlin to Chicago

Lodz Philharmonic, 31.12.10

J.Jacobs/J.Farrar - Grease Suite

Lennon/McCartney - Yesterday

G. M. Rodriquez - Tango La Cumparsita

J. Kander/F.Ebb - All That Jazz

K. Weill - Mack the knife (instrumental)

J. Styne - Diamonds are a girl best friend

Andersson/Ulvaeus - ABBA Suita

K. Weill - Mack the knife

L. Bernstein - West Side Story Suite

J. Bock - If I Were a Rich Man

M. Legrand - The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

N. H. Brown - You Are My Lucky Star

A. L. Webber - I don't know how to love him

A. L. Webber - Memory

H. Mancini - Peter Gunn Theme

B.Berns/S.Burke/J.Wexler - Everybody Needs Somebody

A. L. Webber - Overture „The Phantom of the Opera”